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Model 4

Square D Motor Control Center Model 4 5 6 MCC MC Center

Model 4

Square D motor control centers are an ideal option for clustering electric motor control in a compact setup. The standing sections house control units, wire networks and busses for power distribution. These rebuilt motor control centers house components like combination motor starters, branch feeder devices, lighting panel boards, and other devices each in its own isolated space.

Please check out all the information below.

  • 600v AC  Max

  • 3 Phase, 3 Wire or 3 Phase, 4 Wire

  • Frequency: 50 or 60Hz

  • 600-1800A Horizontal Bus

  • 300-600A Vertical Bus

  • 22K, 42K, and 65KA Symmetrical Bus Bracing

  • Maximum 1800A Main Breaker

  • Maximum 1800A Disconnect

  • NEMA Size 1-7 Motor Starters

  • NEMA Class I Type A, B, or C, and NEMA Class II Type B or C

  • Track Mounted or Pull Apart Terminals

  • NEMA 1, Gasketed 1, 2, 3R, or 12 Enclosures

  • 20 Inch Standard Width

  • 28 and 32 Inch Available Widths

Combination Starter Unit - Line Voltage

The reconditioned Square D combination starters mount in standard 20" by 14" enclosure. Please contact us for availability and specifications on our large selection of Square D Model 4 motor control center units.

Combination Starter Unit - Mag Gard Circuit Breaker
Non - Reversing Reversing
EC-401 ED-401 EG-404 FC-401 FF-404 FH-403
EC-407 EE-403 EH-403 FC-402 FG-403 FH-404
EC-402 EF-404 EH-404 FD-401 FG-404 FJ-401
EC-408 EG-403 EJ401 FE-403    
Combination Starter Unit - Fusible Switch
Non - Reversing Reversing
NC-401 NE-408 NG-404 OC-401 OD-408 OG-404
NC-402 NE-406 NG-405 OC-402 OD-406 OG-405
NC-403 NE-409 NH-402 OC-403 OD-409 OH-402
ND-401 NF-407 NJ-401 OD-401 OF-407 OJ-401
ND-403 NF-408   OD-403 OF-408  

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Two Speed Starter Unit - Line Voltage Constant or Variable Torque

Two Speed Starter Unit - Mag Gard Circuit Breaker
Non - Reversing Reversing
HC-402 HF-414 HH-413 HC-404 HF-416 HH-415
HC-405 HG-413 HH-414 HC-406 HG-415 HH-416
HD-402 HG-414 HJ-402 HD-404 HG-416 HJ-404
HE-414     HE-413    
Two Speed Starter Unit - Fusible Switch
Non - Reversing Reversing
QC-405 QE-432 QF-428 QC-413 QE-428 QG-419
QC-406 QE-433 QG-415 QC-414 QE-436 QG-420
QC-407 QE-434 QG-416 QC-415 QE-423 QH-408
QD-405 QF-427 QH-406 QD-413 QF-431 QJ-404
QD-407 QJ-402   QD-415 QF-432  

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Two Speed Starter Unit - Line Voltage Constant Horsepower

Two Speed Starter Unit - Mag Gard Circuit Breaker
Non - Reversing Reversing
HC-401 HF-409 HH-409 HC-403 HF-411 HH-411
HD-401 HG-409 HH-410 HD-403 HG-411 HH-412
HE-415 HG-410 HJ-401 HE-417 HG-412 HJ-403
Combination Starter Unit - Fusible Switch
Non - Reversing Reversing
QC-401 QE-429 QG-413 QC-409 QE-427 QG-417
QC-402 QE-430 QG-414 QC-410 QE-435 QG-418
QC-403 QE-431 QH-405 QC-411 QE-420 QH-407
QD-401 QF-425 QJ-401 QD-409 QF-429 QH-403
QD-403 QF-426   QD-411 QF-430  

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Reduced Voltage Starter Unit - Part Winding, Two Step

Rebuilt Square D Reduced Voltage Starter Units are made of two instantaneous trip magnet circuit breakers with electrical interlocking for circuit breaker or a disconnect device with a set of fuses for each motor winding, plus two starters, one 4 pole, one 2 pole for sizes 1PW and 2PW, or two 3-pole starters for sizes 3PW-6PW.

Reduced Voltage Starter Unit
Mag Gard Circuit Breaker Fusible Switch
SC-402 SF-402 SG-402 TC-407 TE-407 TF-405
SD-402 SG-403 SG-403 TC-408 TE-408 TG-402
SE-405     TD-404 TF-404 TH-402

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Reduced Voltage Starter Units - Autotransformer, Closed Transition

Autotransformer starters have to be placed at the bottom of 7 space factor high sections. Size 5, 6, and 7 starters are mounted in Style VI sections which utilize fully the width and height of the vertical sections.

Reduced Voltage Starter Unit
Mag Gard Circuit Breaker Fusible Switch
GF-403 GG-410 GJ-401 PD-405 PG-411 PH-411
GF-404 GG-411 GJ-402 PD-406 PG-412 PH-412
GE-407 GG-412 GJ-403 PE-416 PG-413 PJ-401
GE-408 GG-413 GJ-404 PE-414 PG-414 PJ-402
GE-408 GG-414 GJ-405 PE-415 PG-415 PJ-403
GF-405 GH-414 GJ-403 PE-412 PH-407 PJ-404
GF-406 HG-415   PF-410 PH-408 PJ-405
GF-407 HG-416   PF-411 PH-409  
GG-409 HG-417   PF-412 PH-410  

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Distribution Transformer with Primary Disconnect

Square D Distribution Transformers come with a primary FA or KA molded case thermal magnetic circuit breaker or a switch and Gould-Shawmut fuse combination. Standard transformers are 150C rise transformers, and 115C are available as well.

Single phase transformers 15KVA and larger, as well as all three phase transformers, require a Style IV section. A 20" deep section is required for single phase transformers and three phase transformers.

Distribution Transformer - Single Phase
Mag Gard Circuit Breaker Fusible Switch
C-406 CA-410 CA-414 C-440 CA-446 CA-452
CA-407 CA-411 CA-417 C-441 CA-447 CA-455
CA-408 CA-413 CA-418 CA-442 CA-448 CA-456
CA-409     CA-443 CA-449 CA-460
      CA-444 CA-450 CA-461
      CA-445 CA-451  

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Incoming Main or Branch Feeder Unit

Square D Feeder Units are available for 33W and 34W connections. To get 34W a neutral lug is needed, wired to the 4th horizontal bus. FA, KA, and 200A and smaller switches can be placed anywhere in the section.

Incoming Feeder Unit - Mag Gard Circuit Breaker
Main Branch
AW-401 AC-401 AZ-409 BW-401 BC-401 BZ-409
AW-402 AC-402 AZ-410 BW-402 BC-402 BZ-410
AY-403 AZ-401 AX-407 BY-403 BZ-401  
AW-403 AZ-404 AX-408 BW-403 BZ-404  
AW-404 AZ-407 AX-409 BW-404 BZ-407  
AY-404 AZ-408 AX-410 BY-404 BZ-408  
Incoming Feeder Unit - Fusible Switch
Main Branch
JY-403 JL-404 JM-412 kKW-401 KZ-407 KM-406
JY-404 JM-401 JM-413 KW-403 KZ-408 KM-407
JZ-403 JM-402 JM-414 KX-401 KL-401 KM-408
JZ-404 JM-405 JM-415 KX-403 KL-402 KM-409
JL-401 JM-406 JM-416 KY-401 KM-401 KM-410
JL-402 JM-410   KY-403 KM-402  
JL-403 JM-411        

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Dual Mounted Branch Feeder Unit

Dual Mounted Feeder Unit
Mag Gard Circuit Breaker Fusible Switch
BW-405 BW-410 BW-415 KK-401 KK-410 KK-436
BW-406 BW-411 BW-416 KK-416 KK-425 KK-433
BW-407 BW-412 BW-417 KK-403 KK-431 KK-438
BW-408 BW-413 BW-418 KK-418    
BW-409 BW-414        

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Power Factor Correction Capacitor

Square D Power Factor Correction Capacitors are environmentally safe and contain fuses for protecting the capacitor. The capacitors contain discharge resistors, required by the NEC, have a maximum of 7.5 KVAR per can at 480V/600V and 2.5 KVAR at 240V. Three cans will fit in each space factor.

Correction Capacitor - 3 Phase 60 Hertz
230 Volts 460 Volts 575 Volts
E-402 E-414 E-432 E-445 E-466 E-480
E-404 E-415 E-434 E-446 E-468 E-481
E-407 E-416 E-437 E-447 E-471 E-483
E-409 E-417 E-439 E-449 E-473 E-484
E-411 E-418 E-441 E-450 E-475 E-485
E-413 E-479 E-443 E-451 E-477 E-486
    E-452 E-453 E-479 E-487

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Incoming Main Feeder Provisions

Square D main lug compartments include a hinged door, and card holder. Lugs are tin plated aluminum suited for copper or aluminum conductors. Multiple compartments are needed for horizontal bus over 600A.

Main Feeder
Top Located Main Lug Bottom Located Main Lug
Front Access Rear Access 3 3W 3 4W
LC-401 LC-405 LC-425 LC-429
LC-402 LC-407 LC-426 LC-430
LC-403 LC-409    
LC-404 LC-411    

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Incoming Horizontal Bus Feeder Provisions

Square D I-LINE feeder busway compartments are located at the top of a section under the horizontal wire trough. I-LINE busways should be positioned edgewise A, B, C front to back to the control cetner.

Incoming Line Compartment to Accept I-Line Feeder Busway
I-Line Feeder Busway Tin I-Line Compartments
AF-306-FE AF-316-FE CF-316-FE BD-401 BD-411 BD-415
AF-310-FE CF-308-FE CF-320-FE BD-402 BD-412 BD-416
AF-308-FE CF-310-FE   BD-407 BD-438 BD-418
AF-313-FE CF-313-FE   BD-409 BD-413 BD-420

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Current Limiting Reactor Sections

Square D Current Limiting Reactor Sections are used for reducing maximum available short circuit currents from 100kA to 65kA, 42kA, 22kA, 18kA, or 14kA. Reactor sections are 92" high and vary in width and depth.

Current Limiting Reactor Sections - 3 Phase 60 Hertz 600V Max
RS-420 RS-423 RS-426 RS-429 RS-432 RS-435
RS-421 RS-424 RS-427 RS-430 RS-433 RS-436
RS-422 RS-425 RS-428 RS-431 RS-434  

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