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Automation Department

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Automation Department Repair Policy/Procedure Description of Services:

Standard:  A standard repair will typically have a set repair price that includes a one year warranty. Most standard repairs are returned in 7-10 business days. All repairs are tested in a �Live Environment� as to simulate plant-like conditions.

Rush:  A rush repair is offered when time is of the essence. For an additional 25% of the cost of repair, Southland Electrical Supply will ensure that you receive your tested unit back in 24-48 hours or you pay no rush fee. This 25% fee will allow the parts needed for repair to be shipped Next Day Delivery (when available).

Exchanges: An exchange is available when an identical unit, tested and ready for shipment, is in stock in our inventory like the unit that you are in need of. When time is not an option, Southland Electrical Supply will ship you a remanufactured unit to install. Once you�ve installed our unit, you have 10 days to return the defective unit to us for a core exchange. Once your unit is deemed economically repairable, your core will be credited.

Warranty: At Southland Electrical Supply, we pride ourselves in knowing that all repairs are tested under load in a �live environment�. There are some cases that repairs fail. It�s just a fact in the wonderful world of electronics. If this should occur, we are a responsive team that will expedite the issue and report back to you in a timely manner. Southland Electrical Supply will repair the defective unit if it fails under normal circumstances. Our warranty will not be honored for units that fail due to misapplication, including, but not limited to, improper operation, storage, handling or installation; negligence, abnormal temperature, moisture, dirt or corrosive conditions; or an act of God. The a foregoing is in lieu of any other warranty or guarantee expressed or implied, and we are not responsible for any expense (including installation and removal), inconvenience, or consequential damage, including injury to any person, caused by the unit we repair.

Evaluations: Some units that come in for repair may need evaluation before a repair price is established. This is a no charge evaluation. These units include, but not limited to, AC/DC   Drives, Operator Interfaces, and Soft- Starts. Due to the availability and cost for parts associated with these repairs, at Southland Electrical Supply we don�t want to quote you a repair price unless we know parts are available.  In some cases, we find it necessary to use an established outside source for repair. In these cases it is sometimes necessary for us to impose an evaluation fee to cover the extra expenses of having the outside source evaluate your item. If we find an evaluation fee to be necessary, we will notify you for your approval.

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