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At Southland Electric we specialize in hard to find vintage electrical components. We have in stock Westinghouse F frame Type G molded case circuit breakers.  These molded case circuit breakers built by Westinghouse were last manufactured in 1965.  Each of these circuit breakers has been reconditioned and tested to meet original manufacturing specifications. They are available in amperage ratings from 10 to 100 amperes and come in 1, 2, and 3 pole configurations.  Call Southland Electric today for pricing and  availability.

Westinghouse F - Frame Circuit Breakers
 10 to 100 Amps - Type G

Maximum Continuous Ampere @ 40ْ 277 Volts AC Max
125 Volts DC Max
25 kAIC @ 277 Volts AC
600 Volts AC Max
250 Volts DC Max
25 kAIC @ 480 Volts AC
1 Pole 2 Pole 3 Pole
10 G1010 G2010 G3010
15 G1015 G2015 G3015
20 G1020 G2020 G3020
25 G1025 G2025 G3025
30 G1030 G2030 G3030
35 G1035 G2035 G3035
40 G1040 G2040 G3040
45 G1045 G2045 G3045
50 G1050 G2050 G3050
60 G1060 G2060 G3060
70 G1070 G2070 G3070
80 G1080 G2080 G3080
90 G1090 G2090 G3090
100 G1100 G2100 G3100
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