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Southland Electric stocks Westinghouse/Cutler Hammer K frame type DK Circuit Breakers.  These Westinghouse C series circuit breakers are rated at 65 kAIC @ 240 Volts AC, and are available in Amp ratings from 250 to 400.  Type DK circuit breakers are Thermal-Magnetic circuit breakers with non-interchangeable trip units.  These units are suitable for reverse feed use. Call today or visit us at www.SouthlandElectrical.com for pricing and  availability.

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Westinghouse C Series - Molded Case Circuit Breakers
K Frame - Type DK 
250 to 400 Amp

Maximum Continuous Ampere @ 40ْ

  240 Volts AC Maximum, 250 Volt DC

  Complete Circuit Breaker

Without Line and Load Terminals

With Line Terminals Only

With Standard Line and Load Terminals Only

  2 Pole

250 DK2250W DK2250Y DK2250
300 DK2300W DK2300Y DK2300
350 DK2350W DK2350Y DK2350
400 DK2400W DK2400Y DK2400

  3 Pole

250 DK3250W DK3250Y DK3250
300 DK3300W DK3300Y DK3300
350 DK3350W DK3350Y DK3350
400 DK3400W DK3400Y DK3400

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