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Westinghouse/Cutler Hammer KD Circuit Breakers are stocked extensively by Southland Electrical.  These Westinghouse C series circuit breakers are rated at 25 kAIC @ 480 Volts AC, and are available in Amp rating from 100 to 400.  They come in 2, 3 and 4 pole configurations. Type KD3400f circuit breakers are Thermal-Magnetic circuit breakers with interchangeable trip units.  The units listed below come with a Breaker consisting of a Frame, a Trip Unit, and Terminals.  Southland also sells the individual components. Call today or visit our e-commerce site at www.SouthlandElectrical.com for pricing and availability.

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Westinghouse C Series - Molded Case Circuit Breakers
K Frame - Type KD 
100 to 400 Amp

Maximum Continuous Ampere @ 40ْ

 600 Volts Max  Rated 35 kAIC @ 480 Volts AC

2 Pole

3 Pole

4 Pole

100 KD2100 KD3100 KD4100
125 KD2125 KD3125 KD4125
150 KD2150 KD3150 KD4150
175 KD2175 KD3175 KD4175
200 KD2200 KD3200 KD4200
225 KD2225 KD3225 KD4225
250 KD2250 KD3250 KD4250
300 KD2300 KD3300 KD4300
350 KD2350 KD3350 KD4350
400 KD2400 KD3400 KD4400

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