Klockner Moeller Parts

Klockner Moeller   DIL 3-22-NAKlockner Moeller    NZM6-100Genuine Klockner Moeller Electrical Parts for Motor Control and Power Distribution

Southland Electric stocks surplus and professionally reconditioned  Klockner Moeller  parts and equipment. Our Klockner Moeller inventory includes molded case circuit breakers, magnetic motor starters, safety switches, and  much more.

Southland Electric's stocks discontinued Klockner Moeller parts and equipment.  Our specialty is discontinued items which are difficult to find at Klockner Moeller distributors.  Over many years we have painstakingly organized Klockner Moeller  circuit breakers, mounting hardware, motor starters,  safety switches, coils, heaters, push buttons, selector switches, relays, limit switches and have them ready for immediate delivery.

Southland Electric sells professionally rebuilt and reconditioned Klockner Moeller magnetic motor starter, molded case circuit breaker as well as parts and subassemblies.  We are not an authorized distributor for Klockner Moeller, but we have proven a excellent source for hard to find manufacturer discontinued equipment, which require back ordering and long lead times.

In the past 60 years product lines have changed substantially.  Part numbers and series numbers are critically important for part identification.  We deal with old and new parts everyday. Our product knowledge comes from technical manuals, specification sheets, product literature and hands on application building Panel boards, pump panels, reduced voltage starters and other custom controls. Chances are we've handled the part others are guessing about. We can help you find your Klockner Moeller parts today.

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