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SEHA General Electric Circuit BreakerSGLA General Electric Circuit BreakerSouthland Electric carries one of the largest inventories of General Electric circuit breakers in the nation.  Our inventory of General Electric breakers includes both new surplus and reconditioned breakers. Our used breakers have been professionally reconditioned and tested.  The tables below show a listing of our current General Electric breaker inventory. Our complete General Electric breaker inventory is now available for sale online at our new ecommerce site

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General Electric Circuit Breakers


SEAT0030 SRPE100A80 TB43175 TEC36050 TED136050 TFJ236200 THFK236100 TJK426400 TKMA836Y800
SEAT0060 SRPE100A90 TB43200 TEC36100 TED136060 TFJ236225 THFK236125 TJK436150 TKMAYT3
SEAT0100 SRPE150A110 TB43225 TEC36150 TED136070 TFJ236250 THFK236150 TJK436225 TLB234200
SEAT0150 SRPE150A125 TB43300 TECL36003 TED136100 TFJ236Y225 THFK236175 TJK436250 TLB434250
SEDA36AT0030 SRPE150A150 TB43350 TECL36007 TED136125 TFK224175 THFK236200 TJK436300 TLB434300
SEDA36AT0060 SRPE30A15 TB43400 TECL36015 TED136150 TFK224225 THFK236225 TJK436350 TLB434350
SEDA36AT0100 SRPE30A20 TB43T200 TECL36020 TED136YT100 TFK226T175 THFK236F000 TJK436400 TLB434400
SEHA24AT0030 SRPE30A25 TB43T400 TECL36050 TED136YT150 TFK234T150 THJK426250 TJK436F000 TMQD32225
SEHA36AT0030 SRPE30A30 TB63400 TECL36100 TEDL36015 TFK236080 THJK436150 TJK436T125 TP1616SS
SEHA36AT0060 SRPE60A40 TB63500 TED113015 TEL136015 TFK236100 THJK436225 TJK436T150 TP2020S
SEHA36AT0100 SRPE60A50 TB63600 TED113020 TEL136020 TFK236110 THJK436250 TJK436T200 TP2020SE1
SEHA36AT0150 SRPE60A60 TB63F000 TED113030 TEL136040 TFK236125 THJK436300 TJK436T225 TPMM5616B
SELA24AT0030 SRPF250A100 TB83800 TED113050 TEL136050 TFK236150 THJK436350 TJK436T250 TPS6612G
SELA36AI0030 SRPF250A110 TB83T800 TED113060 TEL136060 TFK236175 THJK436400 TJK436T300 TPVVF6620B
SELA36AT0030 SRPF250A125 TBC43400F14G TED113100 TEL136080 TFK236200 THJK436F000 TJK436T400 TQD22100
SELA36AT0060 SRPF250A150 TEB111010 TED114020 TEL136100 TFK236225 THJK636400 TJK436TM3400 TQD22125
SELA36AT0100 SRPF250A175 TEB111015 TED124010 TEY115 TFK236225M1 THJK636450 TJK436Y400 TQD22150
SELA36AT0150 SRPF250A200 TEB111020 TED124015 TEY120 TFK236F000 THJK636500 TJK626450 TQD22200
SELA36AT30 SRPF250A225 TEB111030 TED124020 TEY130 TFK236T080 THJK636600 TJK626600 TQD22225
SF36AT0250 SRPF250A250 TEB111050 TED124025 TEY140 TFK236T100 THKM836500 TJK626F000 TQD32100
SFHA24AT0250 SRPF250A70 TEB122015 TED124030 TEY150 TFK236T150 THKMA31000 TJK636450 TQD32125
SFHA36AT0250 SRPF250A90 TEB122020 TED124035 TEY160 TFK236T175 THKMA31200 TJK636500 TQD32150
SFLA36AT0250 SRPG400A150 TEB122025 TED124040 TEY180 TFK236T225 THLC134020 TJK636600 TQD32175
SGDA22AT0400 SRPG400A200 TEB122030 TED124050 TEY220 TFK236Y225 THLC134150 TJK636T400 TQD32200
SGDA32AT0400 SRPG400A225 TEB122040 TED124070 TEY230 TFL236150 THLC234225 TJK636T450 TQD32225
SGDA36AN0400 SRPG400A250 TEB122045 TED124100 TEY240 TFL236225 THLC436400 TJK636T600 TQD32Y225
SGHA26AT0600 SRPG400A300 TEB122050 TED124Y100 TEY260 THED113015 THQD32125 TJK636Y600 TQDL21125
SGHA36AT0400 SRPG400A350 TEB122070 TED126015 TEY3100 THED113020 THQD32150 TKM1361000 TQDL21150
SGHA36AT0600 SRPG400A400 TEB122100 TED134015 TEY315 THED113030 THQD32200 TKM3F TQDL21200
SGHB36AT0400 SRPG600A400 TEB132015 TED134020 TEY320 THED114015 THQD32225 TKM436350  
SGHB36BC0150 SRPG600A500 TEB132020 TED134025 TEY330 THED124020 TJC36400B TKM436400  
SGHH36AT0400 SRPG600A600 TEB132030 TED134030 TEY335 THED124030 TJC36600G TKM636150  
SGLA36AI0400 SRPK1200A1200 TEB132035 TED134035 TEY340 THED124040 TJD422250 TKM636300  
SGLA36AT0400 SRPK1200A700 TEB132040 TED134040 TEY350 THED124070 TJD422400 TKM636500  
SGLA36AT0600 SRPK800A400 TEB132050 TED134045 TEY360 THED126015 TJD432250 TKM636550  
SGLB36BC0600 SRPK800A500 TEB132060 TED134050 TEY370 THED126020 TJD432300 TKM636600  
SGLB36CA0400 SRPK800A800 TEB132070 TED134060 TEY380 THED126030 TJD432350 TKM826800  
SGLL36AT0400 TB12030 TEB132080 TED134070 TEY390 THED126060 TJD432400 TKM836400  
SGLL36BD0400 TB13015 TEB132090 TED134080 TFJ224150 THED136015 TJJ426300 TKM836700  
SKDA36AN0800 TB13015BWE05 TEB132100 TED134090 TFJ224175 THED136020 TJJ426350 TKM836800  
SKDA36AN1200 TB13020BWE05 TEB132Y100 TED134100 TFJ224200 THED136025 TJJ426Y400 TKM836F000  
SKHA26AT0800 TB13030BWE05 TEC26007 TED134110 TFJ226125 THED136030 TJJ436125 TKMA31000  
SKHA36AT0800 TB13040BWE05 TEC26015 TED134125 TFJ226200 THED136040 TJJ436200 TKMA31200  
SKHA36AT1200 TB13045BWE05 TEC26030 TED134150 TFJ226225 THED136050 TJJ436225 TKMA3T1200  
SKHB36BC1200 TB13060 TEC26050 TED134C5015 TFJ236070 THED136060 TJJ436250 TKMA3Y1200  
SKHH36BD0800 TB13070BWE09 TEC26100 TED134Y100 TFJ236080 THED136070 TJJ436300 TKMA3YT12  
SKLA36AT0800 TB13090BWE09 TEC36003 TED136015 TFJ236100 THED136080 TJJ436350 TKMA826800  
SKLA36AT1200 TB13100BWE09 TEC36007 TED136020 TFJ236125 THED136090 TJJ436400 TKMA836T400  
SRPE100A100 TB43125 TEC36015 TED136030 TFJ236150 THED136100 TJJ436Y400 TKMA836T500  
SRPE100A70 TB43150 TEC36030 TED136040 TFJ236175 THFK224200 TJK426350 TKMA836T800  



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